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Food and Social Organization

The theoretical framework for understanding primate grouping patterns was originally proposed by Wrangham (1980). In it, he set up the contrast between female-bonded groups, in which females remained with kin to defend food resources, and non-female-bonded groups, in which females … Continue reading

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Bonobo Sexuality: It’s Complicated

Although we read “The Other Closest Living Relative” by Parish and de Waal (2000), I want to broaden the discussion to consider some recent research on bonobos. Parish and de Waal (2000) outline some of the major differences between bonobos … Continue reading

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Do Female Spider Monkeys Tend-and-befriend?

The following is a description of the background for my dissertation research, “Stress and sociality in a Patrilocal Primate: Do Female spider monkeys tend-and-befriend?” We will be going over my findings in class. Physiological stress can be measured using glucocorticoids, … Continue reading

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Is Social Media Saving or Enslaving the Loris?

Anna Nekaris’s TEdx on the effects of social media on loris–this addresses the problem of how cute pictures and videos of pet lorises (and other primates kept as pets or in entertainment) can end up harming them!

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Moral Behavior in Animals

Frans de Waal’s TEDx talk on “Moral Behavior in Animals,” including the well-known “Monkeys reject equal pay” study.

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